Valentine’s Day in Spanish

Music for any relationship status

Valentine’s Day in Spanish
Photo by Anna Shvets:

This article was originally published on my Medium site, and contains a few updates.

Part of learning a language is understanding the culture. Take in a bit of culture with these two short playlists I made for those of you looking to improve your comprehension skills and maybe even commiserate with a native who is weeping while singing Aquel Lugar.

(True story: years ago in Mexico City, I saw an adult man practically crying into his salad, while he sang along to this song. After it ended, he went right back to conversing normally with his friend. Hilarious.)

These are mostly throwbacks, but there are some more recent tunes too! Check out the lyrics videos if you have difficulty hearing what’s being said. Enjoy!

For those of you suffering from heartbreak, I have a Singles Awareness Day (SAD) one with salsa, vallenato, bachata, and a quick tour of Mexican genres.

Spotify playlist:

YouTube lyrics videos:

And for those of you in love with love, I have a Noche de enamorados one with salsa, Caribbean-tinged pop, ballads, and bachata.


YouTube lyrics videos:

What song is speaking your love language this week? I woke up thinking about Palabras del Alma by Marc Anthony this morning, so I had to rearrange that list to add it!