Spanish Phonology for language learners | Episode 4 - ORRO

In the fourth episode of this series, we are going to attempt the RR by building on the Os we've already practiced.

Spanish Phonology for language learners | Episode 4 - ORRO

Practice your listening comprehension and speaking ability with the You Have Homework Spanish Phonology series!

It’s part of a course aimed at helping intermediate–advanced learners drill down on the fundamentals. This course is in the works, but it is created by someone who understands the struggle of communicating clearly with native speakers, both in listening comprehension and verbal fluency.

Practice this lesson as many times as you need - the Spanish R and RR is difficult. Remember to move the O to the front of your mouth, and right before you trill your R, lightly touch the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth.

¡Qué horror!
Cuidado con usar la palabra chorro.
Fui a la casa de socorro.
El zorro es un mamífero cánido.
Vamos a bailar el porro.
Hoy hago borrón y cuenta nueva.
Aquí está mi prórroga.

☠️ Just wait until we release more Spanish RR practice sessions!