Spanish Phonology for language learners | Episode 2 - O

In the second episode of this series, we are going to practice hearing and pronouncing the Spanish O properly.

Spanish Phonology for language learners | Episode 2 - O

Practice your listening comprehension and speaking ability with the You Have Homework Spanish Phonology series!

It’s part of a course aimed at helping intermediate–advanced learners drill down on the fundamentals. This course is in the works, but it is created by someone who understands the struggle of communicating clearly with native speakers, both in listening comprehension and verbal fluency.

Practice this lesson as many times as you need. It might be a lot!

The sentences you heard in this episode are:
No quiero vivir con poco amor.
Tengo un dolor intenso en el hombro.
Quiero los nachos con frijol y queso.
¿Y qué propones que hagamos?
El pago de los honorarios debe abonarse en efectivo.
Vamos al concierto en Coyoacán.
Me gusta hacer algunos movimientos cuando me siento ansiosa.
De todos modos, conozco cómo proponer un buen reto.
Ayer él lo colocó allí. Hoy lo coloco acá.

Just like the As, try to avoid making your vowels into "uh".