Describe Your Least Favorite Ex to a Lawyer

The You Have Homework Community Newsletter - July 2024

Describe Your Least Favorite Ex to a Lawyer

Half of 2024 has passed! How are you doing? Me, I feel great but am still behind on my annual goals!

Thanks to those of you who joined the You Have Homework community this past month. ¡Bienvenid@s!

This month’s newsletter includes:

🔓 A cultural reference from Mexico

⏰ Does it matter when you do your language learning practice?

🔎 Learn some advanced nuances of Spanish

🗃️ A free download

🔓Ugh, that guy…

If you’ve been with me for a while, then you know I’ve picked up a lot of interesting Spanish from the podcast La magia del caos. In a recent episode (Ep 93 with Dra. Marimar Guerra at ~39:30), a name caught my attention: Juan Camaney. Who is this guy and what does he have to do with being young and irresponsible with spending too much time in the sun, despite the future damage to your skin?

A quick google search lead to this article from Mexico Desconocido:

De ahí que Juan Camaney tuviera tanto éxito encarnando el prototipo del macho mexicano de colonia popular: improvisado, aventado, mujeriego y alburero, que siempre salía bien librado, a pesar de sus defectos. De hecho, en la actualidad, nuestros abuelos aún dicen que fulano de tal se siente “Muy Juan Camaney” para referirse a alguien que se cree la gran cosa.

I’ll let you translate that on your own, but the gist is Juan Camaney was a character popular in the 1980s and 1990s, created by the comedian Luis de Alba. BTW, you can practice using the verb phrases salir bien librado and creerse la gran cosa in chapters 3 and 4, respectively, in The Verb Drill Workbook.

All About My Book, The Spanish Verb Drill Workbook
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Another two notes: first, remember those descriptors for the PDF download linked below. And second, do you know who “Fulano de tal” is?

⏰ Exercise time

It’s pretty interesting to observe how my practice times affect my ability to communicate. For whatever reason, it’s more difficult for me to speak fluidly when I study Spanish before I go out. I have a feeling my brain/anxiety just needs time to sort out new communication methods.